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Hoooked Zpagetti Peach Cotton T-Shirt Yarn - 120M 700g

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  • Giant bobbin of original Zpagetti t-shirt yarn made from 100% recycled yarn from salvage and remnant textiles (cotton with a small percentage of elastine)
  • Each bobbin weighs about 700grams and is approximately 120 metres in length, which can be knit or crochet into approximately 50x50cm square. We recommend using a 12-15mm hook/needle for best and easiest results
  • Bulky yarn gives fast and sturdy results, ideal for pouffes, pillows, rugs, shades, pet beds and more
  • This is a recycled yarn made in small batches, and each batch varies depending on the fabric received into the factory. The images give examples of the sort of colour categorisation you'll receive, but please be aware that if you order multiples they might be different. Zpagetti yarn can vary in thickness and have some knotted joins. Approach this yarn with an open heart.
  • Disclaimer: We will not be able to refund or exchange this yarn because of variations in colour, thickness, elasticity or knots - that is the very nature of this type of recycled yarn, and if this isn't suitable for your project please consider Hoooked RibbonXL instead

Range: Zpagetti
Product Type: T-Shirt Yarn
Material Type: fibre
Material: Cotton
Colour Group: orange
Colour and Pattern: Peach
Length (metres): 120.0
Length (yards): 131.0
Size (imperial): (393.7')
Size (metric): 120m
Stated Weight: 700g
Weight: 700g
Parent SKU: RF2910
MPN: RF2910
EAN: 5055720112767
ASIN: B07RZ7932Z
Case Barcode: 5055720195784
Case Quantity: 15
Country of Origin: POR

This giant bobbin of original Zpagetti t-shirt yarn contains approximately 120 meters. Each bobbin of Hoooked Zpagetti t-shirt yarn knits or crochets approx. 50 x 50 cm (20" x 20"). The exact weight of each bobbin depends on the type of textile and is generally around 700-850 grams. This bulky t-shirt yarn creates a very fast and sturdy result and is very suitable to make a trendy knitted pouf, a knit pillow, knitted lamp shades or a large crochet rug. The composition of most of Zpagetti is cotton with a small percentage elasthan. We recommend to use a crochet hook or knitting needles 12-15 mm, depending on your preferences. Zpagetti is the original 100% recycled textile yarn made of superior quality recycled textile salvages and remnants. Our original Zpagetti t-shirt yarn is handpicked and selected by our own Hoooked Production Centre in Portugal. This way we have complete control on the workers conditions and production standards. Hoooked Zpagetti textiles meet the European REACH standards for the safety of dying chemicals. This is a recycled yarn and as such the colours vary. The photo shows an example of this colour, and you'll receive one very close to this, but if you order more than one bobbin together they won't necessarily be the same. Zpagetti should be approached with an open heart and creative mind!